Our Mission and Purpose

Made up of the words LIRE (“read” in French), REED (phonetic pronunciation of “read”), and DOO (“I do”), LIREEDOO’s mission is to empower each one to read, even those who might be experiencing difficulties due to dyslexia or other learning disabilities.

LIREEDOO therefore meets the UN 4th goal of sustainable development: “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunity for all”.

This animated image illustrates a scrambled text that becomes readable

What We Offer

At LIREEDOO we adapt books that you may study in class and pack them in a digital library, thus making reading less challenging and enhancing comprehension skills.

We offer an online catalog of FROG (FRee your cOGnition) books tailored to specific age groups, such as primary school, middle school, and high school.

LIREEDOO’s interactive, cognitively enriched books are customizable — allowing each individual reader flexible learning tools adapted to their specific needs.

The image represents a Frog book read on a tablet.
The image represents the tools available on a Frog book read on a tablet.

What Is FROG?

Powered by AI, FROG books are SpLD-accessible, meaning that they are enriched with a complete toolkit of specialized reading aids to help those with learning difficulties.

A FROG book’s reading facilitation tools are customizable to individual needs, offering tools such as the ability to change fonts, syllable highlighting, audio support, definitions, and more.


LIREEDOO offers a unique solution unlike any other existing technology in North America. Designed to assist people with specific learning disabilities (SpLD), LIREEDOO can provide uses for many others worldwide.

The image shows a classroom with two students and a teacher.

A Solution for Teachers

LIREEDOO is user oriented, simple to navigate, and “DYS-friendly”.

For teachers who require more accessible content for their students, LIREEDOO is the ideal choice.

Books are digitally downloadable and easy to use, meaning that teachers can easily be trained on how to use the tools. In addition, it is priced fairly and offers a diverse variety of books tailored to each student age group.

A Solution for Librarians

Are you a librarian wondering how best to help members with reading difficulties?

Why not consider LIREEDOO?

Our solution is user friendly and books easily available for download on digital tablets. LIREEDOO’s high quality reading library includes recent Canadian books.

We also offer complimentary product support, training for employees, and help in organizing “DYS-friendly” library events, such as webinars and tutorials.

The image shows a selection of books on a shelf.

FROG Success Stories

Public Librairies

Now available in Quebec, the BibliOdyssée digital book collection aims to enrich libraries with a catalog of reading material accessible to young learners who are dyslexic or have difficulty with reading.

BibliOdyssée currently has 100 children's literature titles available online in FROG format.

School Librairies

Making reading accessible to all from grades 1-12, Sondido and Sondo assist students in their education, from learning how to read to taking A levels.

Each French school is provided with a catalog of curriculum checked books packaged into two digital libraries. In addition to FROG literature books, high school students also have access to FROG textbooks, which can be connected to virtual learning environments.

Sondo logo and an image with a tablet and a computer demonstrating the use of Sondo